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3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
For Cameras & Rigs up to 15 lb
Keeps Horizon Level & Counteracts Drift
MōVI Ring Pro Handle
360° Handling Possibilities
MIMIC Remote Control with Bush Pilot 
PLUS FRX PRO (Range Extender)

Ignite Digi Movi Pro Package:

Batteries: TB50s are an alternative battery solution for the Freefly MōVI Pro gimbal. Has double the run time of the standard MōVI Pro batteries!  Add to your Rental by adding the TB-50 Battery Kit if you don't own any.

Tilt Offsets: The Tilt cage is an effective counterweight, allowing for a large lens, heavy camera and lens accessories to be balanced.


Cable setups for RED DSMC2 and ARRI Camera Systems


**Camera, Lens, and Accessories shown in picture are not included in rental

Freefly Systems MoVI Pro + Ignite Digi Pro Upgrades

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Power and Peripheral Cables

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